Opal’s Room: Quaint Collection



I’m not a collection person.  I’m not a stuff sitting around person.  It drives me batty.  But I love this collection of frames on Opal’s wall more and more everyday.  Some of the frames are still empty and won’t be filled until after she’s here but the rest are just perfect.

I already have one gallery wall downstairs.  The Husband rolled his eyes at putting another collection of frames up because he insisted it was the same as downstairs.  It’s not and now he agrees.

Like downstairs, I took time to cut out a template of each frame so I could arrange them before putting nails in the wall.  Totally worth the time.

Then I hung all the frames. And decided which ones I wanted to paint.  Unfortunately painting the white IKEA frames was a huge fail.  The paint just bubbled up and peeled off…..so only the old wooden frame got painted but I think I like that better.

So what’s on the wall?

  1. Printables from tatertots & jello: As soon as I saw these a few years ago, I fell in love and pinned them for a future use.  They read “You are my sunshine” and “You make me happy when skies are gray”.  Mom used to sing me that song growing up (and recently told me she remembers her mom Opal singing it to her).  Indicative of my personality when I was little, one morning she came in to say “Good morning, Sunshine” and I replied from my crib “Morning Mommy-shine”  ❤  Excited to have my own little Sunshine to sing to.
  2. Cross-stitch: This cross-stitch was made by my Grandmother Opal for my nursery.  Painting the frame gray really updated and made it the perfect combination of new and vintage.  I’m so glad Mason convinced me to hold on to it during one of my many “we must purge the house of everything we aren’t using” frenzies.
  3. Shadow box: This will be a shadow box of Opal’s newborn things (hat, hospital bracelet, etc).  Have you seen her adorable hat?  ❤
  4. Picture of Mase and me
  5. Picture of my Grandmother Opal.  This is the earliest picture we have of her (around 1933) from when she married my grandfather.  As her namesake, I thought it was appropriate to have her picture in Opal’s room.
  6. Songbird art from Hobby Lobby: Not everything has to be sentimental 😉
  7. Newborn picture of Opal to be inserted.
  8. Silhouette: Silhouette of me at a year old.  The background was stained so I cut it out and mounted it on a fresh piece of sassy yellow chevron.
  9. Bradley and Opal.  ❤

The dresser below came from Bradley’s nursery and will be recovered for Opal.


Yarn: Teal is the new pink


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Have I mentioned yet that I’m not a newborn pink person?  I’m not anti-pink, there are just so many better colors.  I’m so thankful for friends who have given us some newborn hand-me-downs.  They have filled her drawers with plenty of clothes.  Most of them are pink so I’m trying to infuse other colors everywhere I can.  I know the hospital will give her a handknit newborn hat, but it will be pale pink so I made her something better.  In teal, of course.

I vaguely followed this pattern for the hat itself.  I knit it in the round.  It was my first time using double pointed needles but I love the way it turned out.  My grandma taught me to knit 20+ years ago and I am thankful the basic stitches have stuck with me.

I used this pattern to make the flower.  I haven’t done much crocheting so it definitely exercised new skills and isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect for her.

I can’t wait to see her cute little face snuggling next to me in it. It’s going to be so much cuter than my sippy cup model.

Kids’ Bathroom: Don’t splash the “Splash”


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Creative, I am.  Artistic, I am SO not.  My former students can attest that my drawings are less than lifelike.  Luckily this art project required no artistic talent. Win.

I saw a print somewhere on the internet of a duck graphic that I liked.  Using it as my inspiration, I made this art.


  1. 16″ x 20″ canvas from Hobby Lobby ($4)
  2. Navy paint leftover from B’s room and the stripes (free)
  3. Scrap fabric (free)
  4. A piece of white cardstock (had in my stash – free)
  5. Modge Podge (also in my stash)


  1. Painted the canvas navy.
  2. Cut the duck out of fabric and adhere with Modge Podge.
  3. Cut out letters and adhere with Modge Podge.
  4. Modge Podge over the entire thing.
  5. Dunzo.

Drying time stretched this project out a few days but didn’t take much time on any given day.  I love it’s crisp look but still gives a nod to the duck theme.

Opal’s Room: Bright-eyed and bushy tailed



I have been majorly slacking on sharing the progress around here.  Mostly because life has been a little lot crazy and I have just been happy to find time to work on projects.  I’m also spending all my spare moments soaking up time with this sweet boy.

I still can’t believe our sweet days just the two of us are drawing to a close. I’m enjoying every moment (tantrums, snuggles, and all) of the next two months.  Get excited though.  I just cranked out almost a dozen posts that I have scheduled every few days throughout December.  I know that is what you are most excited about this month 😉

The room before was painted by the previous owners a soft, sophisticated beigey-green.  Lovely for a restful guest room.  Now it is a bright, cheery aqua.  We decided on Valspar Misty Daydream.  It’s not blue and it’s not green….which was a tough blend to find.  It’s a little bright but that’s OK.  It’s makes for a super happy room.


It’s also super-exciting that this is the last room to paint in the house.  Almost five years and we have finally painted (almost) everything.  Crazy.

Kids’ Bathroom: Textile texture


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Bradley’s bathroom is really getting close to finished.

It took me a long time to find a shower curtain I liked, wasn’t cheapy polyester, and was “kids’ bathroom priced”.  I also added a nice big, soft rug.

The shower curtain is a 100% cotton white waffle weave from Target.  At $19.99, it is much more reasonable than most other cotton waffle curtains.  I like that it is plain since there is so much going on with the stripes.

The rug is also from Target but it isn’t a bath rug.  It is from the kids’ room section.  I like the big size (30″ x 50″) to fill the space between the sink and tub.  It’s also super soft and I have found B laying on it, rubbing it, and chanting “soft rug” more than once.  Soft and loopy.

So what is left?  I need to add some trim between the solid part of the wall and the stripes.  Also, I want to trim out the 80s builder grade mirror.  I need to make some art for over the toilet as well.

“Can I get some privacy already, Mom?”

New Project



So it’s October and time to share the next project/room redo.  Remember the guest room I shared yesterday?  Well, it won’t be a guest room for long.  Soon it will become a nursery for the newest member of our family. (Which also explains why I didn’t get anything done all summer.  Morning  all-day sickness + toddler + summer heat + exhaustion = just survive the day)

I’ve put together a mood board of the ideas for the room.  Bradley has a subtle math theme to his room.  His little sister will have a songbird theme to her room. Hopefully she will be our little songbird.

Colors: Light aqua, teal, yellow, gray (because I’m so not a paint everything pink kind of mom)

  1. “O”  Her name will be Opal after my sweet 100 year old grandmother.  I’ve dreamed of naming my little girl after her wonderful legacy for many years.
  2. Fabrics for the room
  3. Perfect printables from Tatertots and Jello
  4. Some sort of wall decal
  5. A mobile to DIY
  6. Wall art with vintage flair just like her name 🙂

House Tour: Guest Bedroom


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Unveiling another piece of our happy home: the guest room.  This room is special because it is the only room left on the first or second floor (with the exception of the hallways) that we haven’t painted.  I can’t even tell you the name of the paint color, but it is lovely (which is why I didn’t paint over it).  It is a soft greenish beigeish.  It is also the first board mounted curtains I made which have gone on to be the prevalent type of curtain in the rest of the house including the kitchen, dining room, and craft room.  Overall the room hasn’t changed much since I originally decorated it four years ago other than the addition of a ceiling fan and trading out a table for a desk that was surplussed when I changed my office to a craft room.

I made the headboard and shams to tie into the curtains and found the bedspread at Marshall’s.  The hanging lights are IKEA.

The room also opens into Bradley’s bathroom to give you an idea of flow.

The room isn’t used often.  We rarely have guests anymore now that we have the little man and since both of our families live in town.  It is most often used when The Husband works from home or when one of us is sick and quarantines ourselves away from the rest of the family to try to keep the germs from spreading.  Even though it isn’t used often, it is a sweet room.

Master Bath: Pretty Vain-ity


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More things done(ish) in the master bath.

I waffled a lot about what to do with the vanity.  Paint light, paint dark, restain…  I really wanted to restain it darker, but as the calendar ticked on the reality of it getting done was quickly shrinking to zero.  I decided to paint it the same color as the shower curtain stripesSherwin Williams Peppercorn.  With new hardware, the project was done in a day.  Woot.

I had planned on distressing the cabinets a little since they are already pretty banged up.  I think it will also help the modern color and the traditional shape of the doors make more sense.  For now though, they are up and painted and that’s a win.

Let’s review the to do list/progress report:

√-Implement Organization
√-Replace leaky faucets
√-Keep all the heat from escaping shower
√-Get rid of the not-my-style yellow
√-Add some color
√-Deal with the vanity
-Art on toilet wall

New to do for a later time: Change to a sliding barn style door

This puppy is almost done.  Which is good because it’s almost October and time for our next big planned redo to begin…

Master Bath: More stripes


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Because I hadn’t painted any stripes recently…  😛

In addition to working on Bradley’s bathroom, I’ve been working on finishing up the facelift for our bathroom.  I love our new shower curtain situation….which has actually been done since May but I haven’t gotten around to posting about it.

Last bathroom update left us here with a shower curtain that needed to be finished.

I raised the shower curtain to keep in more heat in the shower.  It is hard to find 96″ shower curtains that aren’t ugly and/or aren’t ridiculously expensive, so I decided to make one.  I originally got the idea from Welcome to Heardmont.
By adding button holes to the top of a white queen sheet, it made almost the perfect shower curtain.  It just needed to be hemmed a few inches and some oomph.  I decided to paint charcoal gray stripes for a few reasons: the paint gives the sheet some stance making it less flimsy, the dark gray grounds the space, and the wide stripes give a masculine touch since The Husband shares the space with me.

I will say that painting the sheet was more difficult than I anticipated.  It really soaked up the paint and took much longer than anticipated.  I really like the result though.  It does everything I wanted it to do for the space.  Also, I like the way the paint dried on the sheet.  It isn’t completely consistent across but that gives it sort of a velvety look.  I chose Sherwin Williams Peppercorn.  It has the same undertones as the wall color (Sherwin Williams Sliverplate) but is much darker.

I also added a second shower curtain bar.  One for the liner, one for the curtain.  It’s really a brilliant set up.  I can easily leave open the curtain part and close the liner if I need to keep an eye on an active toddler while I jump in the shower.  Or, if the stars align and I don’t have to keep an eye on Little Man, I can close the curtain too.  Brilliant.

The bathroom is pretty small in true early 80s construction style.  This makes it hard to photograph so I tried to take some panoramic shots on my iPhone.  They aren’t great.  They aren’t really even that good, but they give you an idea of the space.

A few more things and this sucker will be dunzo.

Kids’ Bathroom: Lining things up


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I’m baaaaaccckkk.  Sorry for the long absence.  It’s been quite the summer.  Between some traveling and Bradley being 18 months (also know as “period of struggle” by a behaviorist I heard speak), there hasn’t been much DIYing around here to report.

Things are starting to finally get done again though.  Like these pillows for the back deck I started back in April.  :/  At least we can enjoy them this fall as B loves early evening hanging out on the back deck.

We’ve deemed September “finish it up” month around here.  We have some big, exciting projects starting in October so it’s time to get these straggling projects finished including both Bradley’s and the master baths.

After months and months…and months…of painting stripes in B’s bathroom, they are finally done.  Well….”done” is a bit too much of a final word since I need to do touch ups but, for my sanity, I’m going to mentally tag them as “done for now”.  Excuse the paint cans etc still on the counter…the room is still “under construction” and with a one and a half year old to wrangle I don’t have time to hide them and pretend it’s not.

It took quite a bit of planning to get stripes that look random but not haphazard like my inspiration picture (picture 1 from my mood board).

After marking off all the stripes on the tape, we painted the white (Valspar White) and cream (Valspar Divine Cream same as walls) stripes first.

Then, we taped off and painting the yellow (Valspar Chickadee same as vanity) and bright blue stripes (Valspar Pool Party).

Finally, we added the navy stripes.

I really like it.  I think it is fun but not too childish.  It also gives a gentle nod to the colors of classic rubber duck and water.  We’re in the homestretch:
-Paint walls
-Paint stripes at top of wall
-Add trim at the bottom of stripes
-Paint vanity
-Trim out mirror
-Add organization
-New shower curtain and bath mat
-Art to articulate theme