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So Opal’s nursery is done but a lot of the furniture came from Bradley’s nursery.  So, what happened in B’s room?  We finally moved some of his “big boy” furniture down from the attic.  This furniture was Mason’s growing up and then went to college with him.  It is sturdy This End Up style wooden furniture but had seen better days sporting lots of stains, marks, and water rings from setting drinks on them.  I debated sanding them down and restaining them, but as I got more pregnant that seemed like more work than I wanted to do.  Also, the look of the stain didn’t really go with the room or our house.  I decided to just paint them and am so glad I did.  I used a satin finish for durability and the way the light hits it still shows some of the wood grain while still giving an opaque finish.  It’s very boy.
I used a custom mixed color that is similar to Benjamin Moore Museum Piece…a nice gray that is not too warm and not too cool.

The only true “nursery” furniture to stay is his crib.  We aren’t ready to transition out of it yet and that’s OK.  When he is, I will paint the single bed to match that can eventually be lofted or bunked.  We are SO not ready for that.

The changing table left for Opal’s nursery and a big dresser came in.  Also, we added a bookshelf awhile back for all his books and a frame cluster along with The Husband’s favorite…the IKEA SMYCKE wall clock that he insisted on putting in B’s room when we found out Opal was a girl and it wasn’t going in the new nursery.  We also lost the big orange sphere in the last two years.  It just didn’t want to stay up.  Oh well.

Changes: We swapped out the rocker/recliner for B’s very own Oversized Anywhere Chair.  I had been skeptical to buy one for him since they are kind of pricey.  I mean it’s a chair for a toddler.  But he LOVES it!  It was such a great purchase.  He loves to sit and read in the chair on his own in the mornings and I love that.

Changes: Not much for now.  Eventually it will be a single bed and then bunk beds, but for now we are all loving the crib.

Changes: The dresser got a makeover for Opal’s room so B got another dresser.  Mr. Independent loves to go over and get his own diaper out of the bottom drawer and closed the drawer behind him.

Really only a few small changes but it feels so much more grown up.  I can’t believe my little boy is two?!?  Time certainly does fly!