I have totally neglected to share the rest of the updates to the kids’ bathroom which have been done for months.

I have a group of mom friends.  The real world my call them virtual friends because we correspond online, but there are very real and dear to me.  We all had babies born in January 2012 and have been through the ups and downs of the first two years together.  Some of us even met for a playdate in DC back in May.

We were talking about redoing the kids’ bathrooms and I told them I was going to do a sophisticated rubber duck theme.  “Sophisticated” was important because I’m clearly not about just buying up the theme aisle at Target (so overkill….so tacky).  The problem is that when typing I missed the “u” in “duck” and substituted another vowel that is adjacent on the keyboard.  The girls thought it was hilarious and haven’t let me live it down.  One of them even sent my a sophisticated duck for the bathroom.  I’m so glad she sent a dUck.

Well, nothing says sophisticated (or Bradley) like a bowtie.  I decided to “label” the kids’ towel hangers with ducks: one wearing a bowtie and the other a hairbow.  I found the wood ducks at Hobby Lobby for about $0.50 each.  The yellow wasn’t quite right so I painted them to match the vanity and then added the bowtie and hairbow.

The hangers are spigot knobs.  I loved the idea the Young House Love shared from on of Richmond’s home shows last year.  The only place locally I could find just the knob was Pleasent’s Hardware.  They are only $2 each.  I tried to spray paint them silver but that was a big fat fail.  The spray paint just slid off so I punted and painted them navy by hand.  I used a dowel drilled out as a spacer between the knob and wall.  I love it.

So sassy.

So that brings us to “finished-ish” with the bathroom.  I’ll post a before-after/source list soon (but probably not too soon since Baby Girl is making her appearance in a matter of double digit hours).  I still want to add some trim just under the stripes on the wall, trim out the mirror, and probably change out the light fixture, but realistically this is all that is getting down for now.  And that’s OK.  I love it.