I have been a busy bee the past month finishing up Opal’s room which is a good thing because Opal is just about finishing up her time on the inside.  I have been terrible about sharing all the fun projects and updates because, to be honest, having gestational diabetes has totally kicked my butt.  Between that and playing with B all day, I am totally spent with nothing left to take pictures or get out my computer at the end of the day.  She’s totally worth it though 😉

So I’m jumping straight to the after.  If I have time before she comes, I’ll try to share some of the individual projects we did and tomorrow I’ll share a source list with all the resources used to complete the projects.

I really love how the room came together.  It is sweet and feminine without being pink.  It is a combination of vintage touches in a fresh setting….what I imagine Opal to be.  It has a subtle songbird theme for my little songbird.

As a reminder, it used to be our severely underused guest room.

I decided to keep the bed in there for the first few months, until we are through the up-all-night stage (please, let it only last a few months 😉 ).  It’s definitely a “second time mom” choice.  It was suggested to me to do the same in Bradley’s nursery but I was too concerned with the room not looking right.  This time, it is all about function.  It is easier for her to start in her crib and me to transition out later than for her to start to in our room and transition out.  Second time mom-ing for the win.

The rocker from B’s nursery, a monogrammed pillows, and embroidery hoops filled with fabrics from the room and other places around the house complete this wall.  If you look closely in two of the hoop fabrics, you can see a few specks of pink 😉

And the last wall

I can’t wait to meet sweet Opal and bring her home to her new room.  I’m also so glad that it is finished before her arrival.  🙂