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Last week, I gave a major teaser about my favorite project so far.  Well here it is…

Both the kids have a verse that Mason and I picked for them.  It summarizes our hopes for each of them and we pray it about them.  We didn’t pick Bradley’s until his dedication but Opal’s was clearly given to me a few months ago, shortly after I found out she was a girl.

Opal’s verse is Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”  I want her to be a strong woman of faith and character, but I most want the last part of the verse for her to “laugh without fear of the future.”  I have a great strength of being a planner and problem solver.  It has served me well and helped me succeed in a lot of things during my life.  It has also been a weakness of mine.  It can cause me to have a lot of unnecessary anxiety and keep me from enjoying things.  I would love for Opal to be type A planner/problem solver, but I don’t want it to steal her joy.  I don’t want her to be anxious.  I want her life to be filled with laughter even in the face of an uncertain future.  I want her faith to sustain her joy.
Unknown to me as I was working on this project, this verse was also chosen as part of the verses to remember my Grandmother Opal by at her funeral in November.  I think these two special ladies are going to share a lot more than just a name.

Onto the actual project (excuse the late night, after 8pm, iPhone photos; getting the real camera out just wasn’t happening)….I spotted this on Pinterest and immediately knew I needed to do something similar in Opal’s room.  I used a precut 24″ x 24″ x 3/4″ board from Lowe’s as the base.

I gray-washed the board using a technique similar to Young House Love.  Essentially, I wet down the board, brushed on gray paint, and then wiped the excess until it was even.  I repeated the brushing and wiping until it was the shade I wanted.  I used leftover Sherwin Williams Silverplate from our master bath.  I lightly sanded it after it dried to make it smooth.

I then printed on cardstock, cut out, and traced the lettering on.  Patiently and lovingly.  The font is Footlight size 350.  I usually change the lettering from black to white with a light gray outline to save printer ink for a project like this.

The blue painters tape around the edge acts like my “margin” and a single line of blue tape moved down helped me stay straight while tracing.

I then patiently and lovingly filled in the lettering with a sample pod of Valspar Hang Ten.

I love it.  It think it is my favorite project in her room.  I may add some white trim boards around it to frame it out and will probably add the reference at the bottom in yellow, but for now it’s on the wall and just perfect.