I’m not a collection person.  I’m not a stuff sitting around person.  It drives me batty.  But I love this collection of frames on Opal’s wall more and more everyday.  Some of the frames are still empty and won’t be filled until after she’s here but the rest are just perfect.

I already have one gallery wall downstairs.  The Husband rolled his eyes at putting another collection of frames up because he insisted it was the same as downstairs.  It’s not and now he agrees.

Like downstairs, I took time to cut out a template of each frame so I could arrange them before putting nails in the wall.  Totally worth the time.

Then I hung all the frames. And decided which ones I wanted to paint.  Unfortunately painting the white IKEA frames was a huge fail.  The paint just bubbled up and peeled off…..so only the old wooden frame got painted but I think I like that better.

So what’s on the wall?

  1. Printables from tatertots & jello: As soon as I saw these a few years ago, I fell in love and pinned them for a future use.  They read “You are my sunshine” and “You make me happy when skies are gray”.  Mom used to sing me that song growing up (and recently told me she remembers her mom Opal singing it to her).  Indicative of my personality when I was little, one morning she came in to say “Good morning, Sunshine” and I replied from my crib “Morning Mommy-shine”  ❤  Excited to have my own little Sunshine to sing to.
  2. Cross-stitch: This cross-stitch was made by my Grandmother Opal for my nursery.  Painting the frame gray really updated and made it the perfect combination of new and vintage.  I’m so glad Mason convinced me to hold on to it during one of my many “we must purge the house of everything we aren’t using” frenzies.
  3. Shadow box: This will be a shadow box of Opal’s newborn things (hat, hospital bracelet, etc).  Have you seen her adorable hat?  ❤
  4. Picture of Mase and me
  5. Picture of my Grandmother Opal.  This is the earliest picture we have of her (around 1933) from when she married my grandfather.  As her namesake, I thought it was appropriate to have her picture in Opal’s room.
  6. Songbird art from Hobby Lobby: Not everything has to be sentimental 😉
  7. Newborn picture of Opal to be inserted.
  8. Silhouette: Silhouette of me at a year old.  The background was stained so I cut it out and mounted it on a fresh piece of sassy yellow chevron.
  9. Bradley and Opal.  ❤

The dresser below came from Bradley’s nursery and will be recovered for Opal.