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Bradley’s bathroom is really getting close to finished.

It took me a long time to find a shower curtain I liked, wasn’t cheapy polyester, and was “kids’ bathroom priced”.  I also added a nice big, soft rug.

The shower curtain is a 100% cotton white waffle weave from Target.  At $19.99, it is much more reasonable than most other cotton waffle curtains.  I like that it is plain since there is so much going on with the stripes.

The rug is also from Target but it isn’t a bath rug.  It is from the kids’ room section.  I like the big size (30″ x 50″) to fill the space between the sink and tub.  It’s also super soft and I have found B laying on it, rubbing it, and chanting “soft rug” more than once.  Soft and loopy.

So what is left?  I need to add some trim between the solid part of the wall and the stripes.  Also, I want to trim out the 80s builder grade mirror.  I need to make some art for over the toilet as well.

“Can I get some privacy already, Mom?”