So it’s October and time to share the next project/room redo.  Remember the guest room I shared yesterday?  Well, it won’t be a guest room for long.  Soon it will become a nursery for the newest member of our family. (Which also explains why I didn’t get anything done all summer.  Morning  all-day sickness + toddler + summer heat + exhaustion = just survive the day)

I’ve put together a mood board of the ideas for the room.  Bradley has a subtle math theme to his room.  His little sister will have a songbird theme to her room. Hopefully she will be our little songbird.

Colors: Light aqua, teal, yellow, gray (because I’m so not a paint everything pink kind of mom)

  1. “O”  Her name will be Opal after my sweet 100 year old grandmother.  I’ve dreamed of naming my little girl after her wonderful legacy for many years.
  2. Fabrics for the room
  3. Perfect printables from Tatertots and Jello
  4. Some sort of wall decal
  5. A mobile to DIY
  6. Wall art with vintage flair just like her name 🙂