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Because I hadn’t painted any stripes recently…  😛

In addition to working on Bradley’s bathroom, I’ve been working on finishing up the facelift for our bathroom.  I love our new shower curtain situation….which has actually been done since May but I haven’t gotten around to posting about it.

Last bathroom update left us here with a shower curtain that needed to be finished.

I raised the shower curtain to keep in more heat in the shower.  It is hard to find 96″ shower curtains that aren’t ugly and/or aren’t ridiculously expensive, so I decided to make one.  I originally got the idea from Welcome to Heardmont.
By adding button holes to the top of a white queen sheet, it made almost the perfect shower curtain.  It just needed to be hemmed a few inches and some oomph.  I decided to paint charcoal gray stripes for a few reasons: the paint gives the sheet some stance making it less flimsy, the dark gray grounds the space, and the wide stripes give a masculine touch since The Husband shares the space with me.

I will say that painting the sheet was more difficult than I anticipated.  It really soaked up the paint and took much longer than anticipated.  I really like the result though.  It does everything I wanted it to do for the space.  Also, I like the way the paint dried on the sheet.  It isn’t completely consistent across but that gives it sort of a velvety look.  I chose Sherwin Williams Peppercorn.  It has the same undertones as the wall color (Sherwin Williams Sliverplate) but is much darker.

I also added a second shower curtain bar.  One for the liner, one for the curtain.  It’s really a brilliant set up.  I can easily leave open the curtain part and close the liner if I need to keep an eye on an active toddler while I jump in the shower.  Or, if the stars align and I don’t have to keep an eye on Little Man, I can close the curtain too.  Brilliant.

The bathroom is pretty small in true early 80s construction style.  This makes it hard to photograph so I tried to take some panoramic shots on my iPhone.  They aren’t great.  They aren’t really even that good, but they give you an idea of the space.

A few more things and this sucker will be dunzo.