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Well it was a grey room.  Clearly you must have been anticipating some color and sass. 😉

Remember where we started.  We added function and now we are adding fashion.

The shower curtain needs to be ironed, hemmed an inch-ish, and will probably get some handsome stripes.

The vanity area is my favorite.  It already got reorganized which has transformed our lives.  Here is the previous progress:

Here is the current progress.  I can’t help but smile when I get ready in the morning.

I painted the old black mirrors.  In order to paint the mirrors, I was going to tape off the glass.  About 30 seconds into taping the oval mirror with linear tape, I realized this wasn’t going to be pretty.  Husband standing behind me pointing out all the gaps wasn’t helping.  Then I remember screws on the back of the mirror!  After removing them, the mirror came out and I was just left with the frame.  Note to self: always looks for screws first.

I previously told you about my color matching fail trying to spray the mirrors.  I narrowed my color choice down to Pantone Emerald or Pool Green trying to match the Threshold rug from Target.
While Emerald was a slightly better match, I wanted the mirrors to read more turquoise and less green on first glance.  You can see the subtle difference in color between the spray paint and new color but it really made a big difference in the room.

I still may antique the mirrors to bring out the detail but will leave them as is for now.

The window wall got towel hooks to frame out the window and fresh white towels.  I opted against colored towels because I couldn’t decide what I want.  I pulled out the white guest towels and LOVE how fresh and clean they look.  Plus, I’ve decided it’s time to use the nice towels instead of leaving them in the closet for the guests we never have.

We love how our bathroom is coming along.  The grey is cozy and calming while the turquoise is happy and sassy.  The white is crisp and clean.  I’ll add charcoal while will be handsome and ground the space.

Still on the to dos:
-Hem and add stripes to the shower curtain
-Figure out what to do with the vanity (paint, stain, just clean?, new knobs)
-Change out 80s ceramic toilet paper holder (should have done this BEFORE the drywall repair and painting.  Fail)
-Make art for over the toilet

Welcome to our calming, sassy bathroom.  It makes us so happy.