Whenever anyone first hears I can’t eat gluten (wheat, rye, barley), their first response is “What do you eat?”  (except for my high school students who would reply, “Wait.  Does that mean you can’t drink beer?”  Sigh.).

Learning to eat gluten free was a big adjustment but is not difficult now.  As a family, we mostly eat the perimeter of the grocery store (produce, meat, dairy).  We eat very few processed foods which I think is how everyone should be eating gluten free or not.

They are making a lot of gluten free products now.  Some are good.  Some are terrible.  Almost all are expensive.  In general. with the exception of pasta, I do not buy a lot of special gluten free products.  So what do I eat?  I’ll break it down to some of my favorites:

-Udi’s Bagels with cream cheese (This is one of my exceptions to not buying specific gluten free foods.  It is so easy for me to take one on the go.  Although they are about $6 for 4, I eat half of one a day so it breaks down to not too bad).
-Rice Chex (General Mills Chex are all gluten free except Wheat Chex.  They are in the regular cereal aisle and priced like regular cereal).
-Kellogg’s Gluten Free Rice Krispies: Found next to and priced the same as regular Rice Krispies and are in a yellow box.  The only difference is they are made from brown rice and without malt.
Eggs and Omelets

Lunch is tough.  I usually eat leftovers from dinner the night before.


This possibilities are endless!
Meats: All unprocessed meats are gluten free.  Boar’s Head deli is also gluten free.
Produce: All fruits and vegetables are gluten free including potatoes.
Dairy: Most diary (milk, cheese, yogurt) is all gluten free.  A few of the only exceptions are flavored yogurts that are usually pretty obvious (like Key Lime Pie) and some of the reduced/fat free sour creams, etc.
Grains: Rice (brown and white), Quinoa (what? You haven’t tried this superfood.  Go buy some now), corn tortillas (yummo Mexican food)

Do you know how many hundreds of yummy, healthy, cost conscious things you can make with the above?  No, you don’t because you can’t count that high.  Fresh ingredients, unprocessed, no crazy components you can’t pronounce, all gluten free.

Pasta: Tinkyada.  I can’t say enough good things about this brown rice pasta.  It doesn’t taste gluten free.  My only word of wisdom is not to follow the directions on the package.  Check it around 10 minutes.

Bread: Whole Foods Sweet White in their freezer section.  Like most gluten free bread it is best toasted, but it makes a pretty good hot sandwich/club sandwich.  Yum.


I make some pretty wicked good gluten free desserts like flourless chocolate cake, ice cream, baked/stuffed apples, and fudge.  I also have a favorite local bakery that is ah.maze.ing.
Off the shelf though, I have a weakness for chocolate (chocolate chips, Dove, Hershey’s are all good) and raspberry sorbet.

Adult Beverage

Sweet sweet wine.  There are some gluten free beers that are pretty good and many cocktails are gluten free, but I find wine to be the easiest for me.  …and not to mention delicious 🙂

So there is what I eat.  When it is listed out, it is obvious that there are so many more things that I can eat than not eat.  Eating gluten free is not a curse; it’s a life style change.
Tomorrow I’ll give you some hints on unexpected places that gluten hides.  Thursday, I’ll give you some ideas on how to eat gluten free out and about.
Friday, gluten free tips for a toddler.