Let’s rewind to the original color palate idea.  Originally I was going to match the master bedroom colors just utilized differently than the bedroom with grey walls, yellow accents, and a splash of blue.
Here the only picture of the bedroom I can find (it’s from 4 years ago and is grainy.  Whoops).

I found this rug for the bathroom at Homegoods and got super excited…

…then the excitement quickly dissipated and I realized that I am going to get tired of this color scheme.  Fast.

I saw a geometric aqua indoor/outdoor rug at Target and waffled about if it was right for the space.  The next day it was feature on one of my favorite blogs Teal & Lime.  I took it as a sign and searched the city’s Targets with a friend to find one in stock.

Although he had mixed reviews about the wall color, Bradley loves the rug and exclaims, “wooooooow every time I roll it out”.

So where is the failure?

The wall color (Sherwin Williams Silverplate) is still a major win.

Rug choice number two is also still a win.

I wanted to paint the existing mirror frames to match the rug.  I raced between the rain this weekend to do so and was so excited to bring them inside.  I sprayed them Rustoleum Seaspray.

They are beautiful and sassy and awesome…..and totally not the same color.  I thought I might be able to pull it off since they are separated until The Husband came in and complemented my color choice saying, “Oh, I’m so glad you brought in a different color.  The rug is green and the mirrors are blue.  Good choice”   Color match fail.

I went to Lowe’s today to grab some paint squares and am going to have to paint them by hand instead of spray.  Still trying to decide which color matches best.

Later this week I will try try try again.  Because failure….especially color failure…is not an option.