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We fixed all of our functional concerns: cold showers, lack of organization, and leaky faucets.  We replaced the builder grade ones that were original to the house 30 years ago with Delta Nura faucets like we put in B’s bathroom.  
The husband even got in on the action and helped 🙂

We’re finally getting kicking on the “making it pretty” part.  After much, much debate, we decided to hire out the painting.  The vaulted ceiling was just not going to look good if we tried to DIY.  Also, thirty years of excessive moisture left some drywall repair needing to be done.  Our guy does drywall and painting.  Check.

I’m so excited.  He did the drywall repair today and will be back to paint later this week once the mud thoroughly dries.

I decided to go with Sherwin Williams “Silverplate”.  The skylight makes each wall look extremely different and I found many of the other colors looking more light blue than soft grey. Silverplate is a soft, neutral grey.  Silverplate is on the far right.

Eeeek.  So excited.

I’ve also changed my mind on the accent colors about eleventy times.  I have returned multiple rugs going back and forth.  I think I’ve decided on them though…at least for now…..