Hello long lost blog.  I didn’t forget about you.  Life has just been crazy busy teaching Saturday workshops, welcoming new family members, preparing to say goodbye to others, the husband traveling, and a stomach bug taking us all out of commission for a week.  During all the craziness, we have been in survival mode and the house has gotten buried.  After a few weeks of digging out, I finally feel like I can breathe.  Unfortunately, there are a few places that continuously need to be dugout including…

The kitchen desk.  Ugh.  It is just a catchall of junk.  When the junk piles too high, it overflows to the kitchen table.  It’s terrible.  The husband and I both hate it.  Bradley, on the other hand, loves it because it is an endless supply of “treasures” for him to pull down and play with.

The wire folder holder just holds things that never get seen.  Mail is a mess here so we need a system.

I decided to use over-sized clothespins for the mail.  One for mail to be read; the other for mail to be dealt with.  Outgoing mail goes by the front door.  The clothespins are from Hobby Lobby and came unfinished.  After a few coats of acrylic paint and a spray clearcoat, they are ready to go.

Before reassembling them from painting, I drill a hole in the back half.  I put some tape on the pin before drilling because I’ve had problems with the cheap wood cracking in the past.  To help prevent cracking, I drilled a small pilot hole and then a larger 1/8″ hole.

I nailed the back half of the clothes pin to the wall, then assembled the rest of the pin to the half already attached to the wall.

I took the wire file holder and mounted it to the cabinet.  Hanging organization has worked really well for us in our master bath, so I am hopeful here.  There is just something about less touching the counter top that encourages me from piling things on the counter top   The polka dot folders were a gift from a sweet student my first year teaching in Richmond and lived in my classroom for years.  Now they have a happy home in my happy kitchen.
The M&M on the bookcase were the cake toppers at our wedding and the box to the right are all my Grandmother’s recipes.  I love the special memories ❤

Hopefully The Husband will be excited about this surprise.  This is one of the ways we say, “I love you” around here.

What are your tips for keeping a handle on the mail/kitchen clutter?