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It’s no secret that I like things to be in their place and husband likes them out of sight.  I care that things are clean and husband just cares they are decluttered.  It can be a source of much conflict, but if that’s our biggest issue, I think we’re doing well.

The vanity has been the demise of both of us.  Every few months, I go through and reorganize things to rework it so that “it will really work this time”.  It doesn’t.  Especially with the little man pulling things out of the drawers and cabinets while we get ready.  The stack of things in the on the vanity and out of reach grows taller and taller.
And while 85% of the stuff on the vanity is mine, it’s only about 5% of the total stuff I have stored in the bathroom.  Husband on the other hand may only take up 15% of the vanity, but it’s 100% of his stuff.  None of it is put away.

A review of what things generally looked like on any given day before

What I have been most excited about is here…the solution to problem #2.

I decided to use the Bygel organization system from IKEA (a big thanks to my friend Erin for picking up the essentials for me.  Muah!).  For about $20, my life has been improved two-hundred fold.  I lurve not having anything on the vanity top.  It is so easy to keep it clean.  I need to find a smaller container to keep Hubs’s Scope in so it will fit on his hanging tray.

If you look closely on the left in the picture above, you can see the paint chip that I am pondering for the walls.  A soft grey.  The only problem?  I’m not ready to tackle this:

This is a true win-win.  I get what I want and husband gets what he wants.  He said that the new organization has brought him “inexpressible joy”.  Happy wife husband, happy life.

Now the true test is to see how it looks in a month…

But I must say that it has already been a week and everything looks pristine.  It was a crazy week with little sleep on anyone’s part the kind of week that would usually lead to an extra chaotic vanity.  It looks promising.

The husband and I are both very happy.