As I explained yesterday, there are two main problems I need to fix during my master bath refresh.  Otherwise, it is just putting lipstick on a pig. I’m doing things in the opposite order as I should.  Usually I would paint and then make things functional as I make them pretty.  This time, I’m going to fix my major problems and then make the space pretty.  That’s how desperate things have gotten.

#1 I need to figure out how to keep all the warmth from escaping the shower
#2 I need organization

Problem #1 has been fixed.

I am excited to have fixed problem #1 for free.  $0 free.  I am part of a focus group online for new moms.  I earn Amazon dollars and bought everything from Amazon with my free dollars.  Hollars.

I decided to raise the shower curtain.  I added a tension shower rod and 96″ shower curtain liner.  Eventually, a decorative shower curtain will hang on a separate rod outside the liner.  That will come with the decorating later.

With the vaulted ceiling, all the warmth escaped above the shower curtain and headed straight to the top of the vaulted ceiling.  We would frequently go through our entire tank of hot water every morning and still be cold.

Now the higher curtain keeps all the steam in.  It’s so warm and wonderful.  It’s almost as wonderful as staying under the warm covers.  If only the weekends still meant sleeping in….