There were a lot of really great things that drew us to our house.  The master bathroom was not one of them.  Our house was built in the early 80s before the master bathrooms were really blinged out with soaking tubs and separate showers, etc.  Our bathroom is OK.  We haven’t done anything except hang (and unhang…more on that later) a shower curtain and switch out the glass shades on the vanity lights from red to seeded glass.

Here is the bathroom now….keeping it real.  Really real.

Welcome, to our little bath.   You can start to see that outside of the tub/shower, it has a vaulted ceiling which leads to very cold showers since all the warmth rises to the top of the tall ceiling.

I hate having a tub/shower combination.  I am a grown woman.  I own my own house and have my own child.  I think I am old enough to have my own walk in shower.  But, alas, I still live with a tub/shower combination.  I took the shower curtain half down so I can see Bradley in the pack and play while I shower.

Warning: It’s about to get really real up in here

Our vanity.  It needs organization SO BADLY.  All the drawers and cabinets are organized but things collect on top especially since as Bradley sees me pull things out to get ready in the mornings, he wants to join in the fun and pull things out too.  Cabinet/drawer locks don’t help because I am opening and closing them myself to get things out.  If I put what he pulls out back in, he pulls it back out.  So I pile them on top as far back as I can get them.  It’s getting ridiculous.

Here is a shot of the vaulted ceiling and the skylight which are wonderful features of the bathroom.

The door can’t even open all of the way.  Actually, when we moved in there was no door.  I never got around to painting the door after it went up.  The trash can resides on top of the toilet where Bradley can’t reach it for now.  The bathroom leads into the bedroom and across from the bathroom is our closet.

Mason made a deal with me that if I made it to a year nursing, we could use the money we saved on formula to renovate the bathroom which I have been scheming for years.  I made it and I have seen estimates that it saves thousands. Mmmm thou$ands.

Here is my list of wants:
-Remove tub and create walk-in shower with glass enclosure
-Replace vanity with a taller furniture style vanity with smooth sliding drawers and plenty of storage
-New organization for vanity top
-Possibly remove wall to reconfigure space
-Make it pretty

It isn’t prudent to overhaul and do a gut job right now…so that will have to wait, but I have decided to refresh the bathroom so at least I don’t frown every morning.

Here are a list of the musts in order:
1) Keep the steam from all escaping the shower and rushing up to top of the vaulted ceiling (brrrrrrrrr)
2) Realistic organization
3) Make it pretty/sassy/happy

Get excited.