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…you probably think this post is about you.

I painted the vanity.  It’s loud.  It’s fun (I think(?)).  It’s definitely unique.

I’ll remind you of the before. 1980’s builder blah.  OK, that’s a little harsh.  It was more like 1980’s seen its prime.

I’ve painted a lot of cabinets in the house… in the family room and the kitchen among others. One thing I learned is that prep work is key.  A good sanding before priming is important.

I also have a very particular way I like to paint recessed paneled cabinets and doors.

Step 1– Proper prep.  Sanding and filling the old hardware holes.  If I was doing it correctly (like I did for the eleventy million cabinets in the kitchen), I would have cut dowels the depth of the cabinet door, glued them in, patched around them, and sanded them down.  But I didn’t do it “correctly”.  I just patched them.  I decided to use spackle that I could squeeze into the holes and then sand down.

Step 2– Prime/paint the edges and recesses with a brush.

Step 3– Roll the raised areas with a foam roller.  I like this one by WHIZZ.

I like a few coats of primer.  A good primer.  Then I enjoyed 4+ coats of rubber ducky yellow.  So chipper.  Adding a few knobs and hinges from my stash…

This is Valspar Chickadee.  Sassy happy, right?  Don’t nay-say yet.  As Young House Love would say, “the middle doesn’t make sense”.  We are certainly in the middle.  I do like the picture above though because you can see hints of some of the other projects in the mirror’s reflection (like the stripes that will take me all of B’s nap times until he is in kindergarten to finish and the sassy duck prints on the wall).

I also replaced the older builder grade faucet with Delta’s Nura faucet.  I lurve the new faucet.  It was an easy install and is such an improvement.  The tall spout height (6″) helps our 80’s vanities seem not quite so short.  There is also a dial inside that is adjustable to limit the temperature of the water which is perfect for a kids’ bathroom.