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We painted Bradley’s bathroom this weekend. Mason groans at painting in general but especially when we are painting something a neutral. “So booooring……” But there is a method to my madness boringness.  There are going to be a lot of loud colors in the small room so it needs a soft background.  Really soft…like mute.  Appealing design requires an editing eye.  Whoever put those prepacked themes together on the kids’ aisle at Target didn’t edit anything.  There will not be not be color and/or ducks on everything in this bathroom.  That’s just tacky.

The bathroom started like this.  It is now painted Valspar Divine Cream which is a beautiful, soft white.   I had the paint left over from painting the downstairs powder room the same color.  I love projects that are cheap as free ❤ and it only took about 40 minutes with such little wall space.

I didn’t forget to paint the top foot.  It’s got other plans.

The next project in the bathroom will be painting the vanity.  I want go on record that this might turn out terribly hideous.  There is a great quote by Edwin Lane that, “An essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”