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Well, technically “kid’s” (Bradley’s) bathroom.  But that sounds entitled like he has the run of the house.  So I’ll pretend that he has to share it.

We haven’t done much since we moved in to his bathroom other than hang a shower curtain.

Here is how it stands now…and here’s to keeping to real with B’s medicines, etc still out on the counter.

I’m hesitant to do anything too tacky juvenile since it is connected to the guest room…and that’s not really how I roll.   So I am going with a rubber duck theme but trying to keep it more sophisticated than it could be.
Here are some of my thoughts organized.


1. From freshhome.com: I love the bright stripes at the top of the wall.  I would like to add molding one or two feet from the ceiling (painted medium blue) and paint stripes in yellow, navy, white, and blue above the molding.

2.  I picked these cards up a few years ago at IKEA in anticipation of using them in the bathroom down the road.

3. SkipHop bath faucet cover: I found it at Marshall’s for $5.  It is nice to find a simple, clean lines cover instead of a cartoonish duck.

4. From Etsy:  I plan to recreate the print on a large canvas to hang over the toilet.

5.  Time to replace the builder grade faucet.  This one from Lowe’s has a 5″ spout height which will be nice trying to wash little hands.

Colors: I plan to paint the walls a soft white (using left over paint from out downstairs powder room) to allow the accent colors to pop without looking too gawdy.  The top one to two feet will be striped.  I think I am going to paint the vanity rubber ducky yellow.  It will either be fabulous or terrible…we’ll see. 🙂