Twelve months old on January 4, 2013

Weight – 19.5 pounds
Length – 27.75 inches

This month I can
-say bye-bye in context (though usually after the person is out of sight)
– walk run unassisted
-recognize all my favorite people
– be weary of things I am unsure about like the vacuum and new people
-put strings of different vowels and consonants together into “words”

I am one!  I love to run and play outside.  Trucks of all sizes bring me joy.  When Mom and Dad went out of town for the weekend, I played with Pops and Gram all weekend and did great.  This shows that I’m starting to be more adaptable in new situations (but I still love my predictable schedule).  I love all people, but if I don’t know you I’ll be shy around you until I check you out.  I’ve had a great year growing and learning so much.  I can’t wait to see what the next one brings!


See how much I’ve grown since previous months!

It’s been an amazing year.  Thank you for everyone’s love and support.  We love you all.

We have come so far.  Happy birthday, Bud!