Bradley Bear is turning one this week.  Eek!  I’ve been busy making decorations, etc for his party.

Here is the first one: A birthday wreath.

I have a place in my kitchen which I hang seasonal flair so I thought it would be fun to have something for birthdays.  I plan to reuse the wreath each year and repaint the B (or other future letters) to match the party.

-Straw wreath
-Lots of balloons
-Floral pins
-Black fabric scrap
-Letter “B” and paint

It is essentially just a bunch of balloons stuck to the wreath with floral pins.  How simple is that?

After I started, I realized that I wasn’t going to cover every square inch with balloons and used scrap of black fabric to wrap around the wreath to help camouflage the bare parts.  It visually worked like a charm but made the floral pins harder to get in.  Poking the fabric/wreath with a large needle helped.

I got my bags of balloons (5 of them) from the Dollar Tree.  I’m pretty sure they are all the balloon rejects from the balloon factory. Some of them were glued to themselves and wouldn’t inflate, but worked fine for my purpose.  Here are some other highlights:

After the wreath was finished, I tied a ribbon around the letter and wreath to hang.