Every birthday need some birthday bunting!

(Excuse some of the poor pictures.  Most of these were at night as the babe was sleeping…ie the only time to get things done 🙂  )

-Scrapbook paper
-Double folded bias tape
-Matching thread
-Cereal box for template

1. I made a template for the bunting from a cereal box.  In order to get 5 triangles from each 12X12 paper, I made them 6″ across the top (short side) and 7″ long (if the measure from the midpoint of the short side to the tip).  I had to do some trig to figure it out.  It felt so good. 🙂

2. Trace the template on to the paper and cut out the triangles.

3. Insert the first triangle into the bias tape.

4. Sew the paper into the tape and continue until all your triangles are attached.

5. Done.  It’s really that easy (except my machine broke in the middle complicating things….)

Ha.  As if I was going to leave it plain!  You’re funny.

To the main banner, I added lettering on 2 5/8″ circles cut from more cardstock.  I then lettered by hand in “Pupcat” font.  I attached the circles with a little bit of gluestick.  I am hoping I can pull the letters off to reuse on future birthday buntings.

I also made a bunting for Bradley’s highchair that he will sit in for his first cake.

It also needed some pizazz (enter paint).  The colors got some white sass while the white got a pretty 1.

The one was simple outlined and then stamped with a pencil eraser dipped in different paints.

Finally, it was outlined in black Sharpie to make it pop.

First birthday bunting.  Now all I need is a one year old to celebrate.  He’ll be one tomorrow.  Gracious me!