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There are thousands of things to do with clear glass balls.  Here are just three.

I was tasked to come up with an ornament decorating activity for my MOPS group.  (I love my MOPS group.  Do you have a preschool aged child?  Are you part of a MOPS group?  If you answered yes to the first question and not the second, stop right now and find yourself a MOPS group).

They had a bunch of left over clear glass balls, so I wanted to find a few options for the girls.  Here are the three we made:
**I meant to find time remake a few and take pictures of the steps but little man had other ideas for the last week.  I decided if I kept waiting to get the pictures I would never actually post.  #blogfail**

1) Curled Paper Ball

This one I made has one of Bradley’s birth announcements inside.  I love how you can see his little toes on some of the curls, his sweet hands on others, and his birth info on others.

For the girls, I cut red and green scrapbook paper for them to write memories from the year to hold onto.

-glass ornament

1. Cut the paper into strips.

2. Curl the paper around the pen.  I then wound it tighter off the pen so that it was really coiled.

3. Drop in the ball.

2) Photo Ball


-glass ornament
-two photos
-extra paper to make template

This one was frustrating to make the right size template for the ball and then required some patience.

1. Cut a circle the size of the inside of the glass ball.  This takes some trial and error.  You can do it.  You can test the size by rolling it up and sticking in the glass ball.  It should fit without bunching but be snug enough not to flop around when unrolled.  Then pull the template out of the ornament (tweezers are helpful).

2. Once you have the correct size, trace the template on your photos and cut them out.

3. Roll up one photo and stick it in the ornament.  Use the tweezers to patiently uncurl it.

4. Repeat step 3 with the other photo.

I wish I had used matte photos instead of glossy.  I will probably redo my ornament.  These are our Christmas card photos from this year.  I envision doing this each year with our Christmas card photos.  I think it will be really neat in 15 years to see all the pictures on the tree. (Bradley will be in high school in 15 years…oh my gosh….slow the clock down!).

3) Pretty Paint:
This one definitely has the most visual impact.

-glass ornament
-acrylic paint
-disposable cup

1. Choose 2 or 3 colors.  You really want to edit yourself.  The colors will swirl together and if you use too many you will end up with a yucky brown color.  Or maybe that is what you are going for (bless your heart)….

2. Gently squirt the paint down the side of the ornament in alternating colors.

3.  Shake, swirl, etc.  If you taped the top off, kids past the “put everything in your mouth” stage might be able to help with this.  I don’t have one of those so I wouldn’t really know.

4.  If you have empty spots, rest the ornament in the disposable cup with the bare spot down.  Gravity will help you out here.

5.  Once all your ornament is covered, turn it upside down in the cup for the excess of paint to drip out.  Leave it for a day or so.

6. Turn the ornament hole side up and rest it back in the cup to finish drying for a few days before putting the hanger back in.  If you cheat, you will scrape off the pretty paint.  Don’t cheat.