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This is the after(ish) of the family room because it is an ever evolving space…and I still need to make those throw pillows that I have had the fabric for for over two years.  Whoops.

This was the first room to receive a face lift.  It was a surprise to Mason when he was on a business trip a month after we moved in.  He was gone three days.  I would teach all day and paint all night.  Wait until you see the dark wood I started with…I painted alllll night.  I didn’t intend for the room to be quite this bright but I didn’t have time to go back and get another gallon.  That was 3 years ago.  Still haven’t changed it.

Here is the only before picture.  It is from move-in day.  See all the enthusiastic helpers waiting on the next load?

The previous owner had really embraced and decorated well with the wood paneling and trim.  It looked awesome when we toured the house with her stuff.  It just wasn’t my style.  So I painted it.  I painted all of it.

You can see that the kitchen opens into the family room.
Paint Color (wall): Valspar Sea Kiss
Paint Color (back of bookshelves): Valspar Drizzling Mist (to match the kitchen)
Rug: Clearance find at Lowe’s

Curtain Material: No idea.  Remnant rack at Hancock’s.  $2/yard.

This clearly shows the need for some sassy throw pillows.  I have some awesome Primer Print fabric with chevron stripes and other great, bold patterns waiting to be turned into pillows.  Maybe one day when nap time actually happens.
The ottoman was one of the best purchases in the house.  It doubles as a table, extra seating, etc.  Bradley LOVES to pull up and walk around it.  When he was learning it was nice and soft for the many head bumps (like here).

Mirror: Greenfront Accessories store
Sofa: Crate and Barrel Bayside
Ottoman and Loveseat: Local discount furniture store
Lamps: Lowe’s
(Also keeping it real with the diaper pail in the corner).
Boxes on bottom shelf of bookcase: Painted diaper boxes

The painting above the mantel was a wedding present from a dear friend.  She photographed the located we got engaged and then painted over the photograph.  It is something I treasure.  Also, it’s October…the pumpkins are seasonal flair and not always there.  The firepokers will have to go away soon as Bradley is starting to discover them.

Fireplace doors (SO much better than the brass): Lowe’s

The family room also leads out to the back porch.  This area here wasn’t part of the original reveal.  Recently, we added the corner with the bench.  The “S” and leaves are also seasonal flair.  They change out with the seasons.  Subtle.  Classy.

This corner was useless before the bench.  I love the space to keep our bags and coats.  My dad made the bench and helped with the wall treatment.  It wall is done with slats nailed to the wall and then the whole thing and wall were painted white to make it look like one piece.

Bench: Dad
Hooks: Lowe’s
Baskets: Homegoods
Carpet: FLOR

So there it is.  Our ever evolving family room.  I’ve already scoped out where to put a homework desk made from the crib down the road and other ways to keep the space the most useful for our family.  In the last months it has also been home to a swing, jumper, and pack and play.  Always changing.