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The orginal counter was awesomely functional.  The counter is now functional and sassy.  Thanks to Jenny from Anything Pretty for some inspiration of a painted countertop.  She has so many great ideas!

A big fat fail on my part to show you the process.  I did document it with pictures, but I can’t find them on my computer.

I tried to design the pattern to softly echo the curtains.

  1. So I traced tessellaated shape in the curtains to make a pattern.
  2. After painting the counter gray (Valspar Bay Waves, to be exact), I traced the repeating shape all over the counter.
  3. I randomly chose a few of the shapes to color in with accent colors that pick up the curtains in Valspar Rose Dust (pink), Laguna Green (teal), Green Tea (green…a more saturated version of the wall color).
  4. Then, I traced the lines in white.  Twice.  It took a while and the second coat was painful, but worth it.
  5. Last, I sealed it up with a few coats of waterbased polyurethane.

I added some extra touches like painting the water knobs with the accent colors.

Pretty sassy, eh?