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Function.  That’s what the laundry room got this weekend and I am so excited.  So excited.

The first small project I tackled was putting up pegboard to store extra Dyson attachments (that don’t clip on), stuff for the floor steamer, and the most used tools in the house.  I’m not sold on the arrangement of the pegboard, but it works for now and has already proved to be a great solutions for some of the house odds and ends.

The big progress was that Dad brought the shelves.  Now I had intended to try to tackle the shelves on my own after running some of my ideas by the guy who has made everything.  Well, two weeks later, he shows up with everything built.  It is not only built, Bradley (and all of his friends) could climb all over it and it wouldn’t budge.  Not that I encourage my 5 month old to climb things, but these puppies are solid.

On the left side of the window, I wanted something to balance the right side, so he came up with this which ties into the existing shelf.  Once I caulk and paint, it will look seamless.  Eventually a curtain will go between the two sides.  He also rigged up a laundry basket holder to hang from the bar since I always keep a basket downstairs to throw the odds and ends in.  I thought it would look less messy if the basket had its own “place”.

Between the washer dryer is more storage which serves two purposes: storage & support for the counter.  The counter is also supported by braces all the way along the walls.   I have already taken out for a few test spins and folded a couple loads of laundry on it.  It’s perfect!

So next comes the pretty stuff: curtains, paint touch ups, giving the counter a pattern, and loading the shelves.