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The beautiful new floor inspired me to go ahead and put up the new lighting fixture.  I just couldn’t wait.

The old light was original with the house and older than any of us living in it.  It was blah and boring and flickered.

The new fixture is like the crown jewel of the room.  It’s a chandelier, of course.  I would put a chandelier in every room if I could.  This brings the house total to 4…though I have plans of putting on in our master closet when the master bath gets redone (…one day….).  Obviously the “cute” yellowish ceiling halo will be painted when I get everything out for touchups.

It’s perfect.  It’s shiny and has glass accents.  It’s just the right amount of bling (which clearly every laundry room needs). Also, I am extra proud of myself because I put it up without having to have Mason hold it for me.  A year ago I wouldn’t have thought it possible unless I became an octopus and grew some extra arms, but that’s one benefit of motherhood…you can accomplish eight arms worth of things with only two 🙂

The room as it stands now:

Things are coming along and already much more functional.  Hopefully we get can get the shelving/counter in the next few weeks and then finish making her pretty.