It was time for the 80s laminate to go.  So in came a new floor.  We decided to go with Floormaster Allure floating laminate planks in Ironwood.  I have seen rave reviews and terrible reviews, but we decided to go with it.  I would not have put it in a main living space, but laminate really is ideal for a laundry room.  This laminate really does look and feel like wood once it is down.  We are quite please with how it looks.  Hopefully we will not have any issues with it pulling up since we let it acclimate for a week and rolled it after we finished.

It looks pretty grand!

I asked Dear Ol’ Dad to come over and help.  I was pretty sure Mason and I could have done it the two of us, but with all of Bradley’s “help” I knew we would need some another pair of hands.  Well Dad ended up laying most of it himself once we got moving.  The small room + my ill-timed hair appointment + the ease of the product made it a one man show.  It is quite the show stopper for a laminate laundry room floor.  It looks as good, if not better, in real life and up close.  It has a bit of a texture to keep it from looking as faux as most of the laminate wood look alikes that I have seen.   It is also about $1.25/sq foot which it awesome.

After reading a lot of online reviews, we decided it was worth it to rent a floor roller to help the seams really adhere (even though we only actually needed if for about 15 minutes of the 4 hour rental).
Mason and Bradley both rolled the floor. 🙂