This week you have really started to lose your newborn infantness and become a real baby.  You are talking a lot more.  Smiling and laughing.  Recognizing your favorite people. Grabbing your favorite toys (Sophie the giraffe and your light up star that plays music).  We love it!

This week, Mom’s students took the College Board AP Physics Test.  As an act of support you both wore matching Bazinga! outfits.  One of Mom’s students gave her a t-shirt last year and Mom’s students this year gave you your onesie.  You weren’t really up for a photo shoot at 7am, but we tried.

You still show no interest in rolling over, but you love everything about standing and trying to walk (even though you are nowhere near ready to balance).  This week, you held yourself up in your crib when Mom tried to lay you down.

You often sit in the highchair and play with your ball while Mom cooks dinner.  This weekend, you wanted to be heard.  You didn’t utilize many of your new vowel-constant combinations, but you did practice vocalizing for at least 30 minutes.  Here is a clip: