I made some minimal progress on the laundry room last weekend, but haven’t gotten a chance to take a picture until today.  I need to put on another coat (update: I did it during nap time today!), but I couldn’t wait to see the color.  I really do love a fresh coat of paint.

The color is Lime Ice by Valspar.  I was going to originally go with “Gleeful” which was one shade dark/brighter, but I want the room to be cheery and serene.  I was afraid the brighter color would make the small space glow like a room from Chernobyl.

The color looks good in all the different lights of the day and picks up the citrine in the fabric.  Below are some of the things to come: the floor, the fabric, and some accent colors.

This coming weekend is a four day weekend so I am hoping to finish painting and get the floor in.  I have also been giddy with excitement planning out my shelving.  Giddy.  After all, unlike women’s footwear, this room needs to look good AND be functional.

Updated to do list:
-New washer/dryer (from my sweet hubby)
-New floor (waiting to be laid)
Paint ceiling, trim, walls
-Built-in counter over washer/dryer (and give it a sassy finish)
-Built-in shelving
-Curtains (waiting to be made)
-New light (waiting to be hung)
-Storage solution for household odds and ends