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As part of my Mother’s Day weekend, Mason helped me free up enough time to start the laundry room.  [He wanted me to make it very clear that he also helped with the painting.  He tried to open a paint can (very stubborn paint can).]

I was able to get 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint on all the trim.  It could still use another (but can’t it always?).  It is extra exciting because it is the end of the stained trim in the house.  There are a few hidden throwbacks in hidden places like inside the built-ins in the family room, behind the washer/dryer, inside the pantry, etc.  I am going to leave them there to remind us how far we have come (and because I don’t feel like painting them).

New weekend I am hoping to paint the ceiling and maybe the walls.  We also ordered the floor and the fabric came.

To do list:
-New washer/dryer (from my sweet hubby)
-New floor
-Paint ceiling, trim, walls
-Built-in counter over washer/dryer (and give it a sassy finish)
-Built-in shelving
-New light
-Storage solution for household odds and ends