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I have wanted to spruce up the laundry room since we moved in.  It has the original laminate flooring and is the last holdout for stained trim in the house. Dear Husband has always maintained that it was ridiculous to do anything in the laundry room other than laundry.  He told me early on that I was welcome to do whatever I wanted to it on my own.

Then Bradley came and the need to do laundry tripled.  And then the dryer started to go kaput.  So we bit the bullet and bought a new washer and dryer….and if we’re going to do that we might as well make the rest of the room more functional….and if we’re going to do that we might was well give it a face lift while we’re at it.

Here is the before:

New things to come:
-New washer/dryer (from my sweet hubby)
-New floor
-Paint ceiling, trim, walls
-Built-in counter over washer/dryer (and give it a sassy finish)
-Built-in shelving
-New light
-Storage solution for household odds and ends

While the above would take me a few days to a week (minus the floor) before, now I have to wait until I finish teaching and then work on it and it will probably take me a month or two during nap times.

PS…here is the real before. The above is from right before the delivery guys came and I had cleaned out a lot so they could get in.  Below is how the laundry typically looks.  A complete lack of storage and organization is to blame (at least that’s what I tell myself)