Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our little leprechaun.

Favorites – Fans at Lowe’s, Bubblegum medicine
Least Favorites– Ear infections, Sleeping with an ear infection

Week 10 = Another ear infection.  Booo.

This week you had your first trip to Lowe’s.  It used to it, Buddy, because Mom & Dad love Lowe’s shopping and making your home a more special place.  Your favorite part of the trip was a stop in the lighting section.  You love ceiling fans.  Love is an understatement.  You will stare at a ceiling fan for minutes on end so inthralled you frequently hang your mouth open and let your paci fall out (and you don’t even care).  So we made a special point to take you by the ceiling fans at Lowes.  You were in heaven.  Fans as far as your little eyes could see.

We went to the park together as a family and met up with Cousin Abby this weekend too.  You slept the whole time (other than when you woke up screaming), but Abby had a good time walking around and playing in the water.

You started to learn to sit up in the Bumbo seat this week.  At first you were unsure of how you felt about it.

But soon you were giggling with delight so much that you exhausted yourself.