Week 9 and you’re looking so fine!

Favorites this week: The swing
Least favorites: Having your weight checked, driving on I-95

Another great week for you, buddy!  You are starting to take naps by yourself this week meaning Mom can put you down and get stuff around the house done.  It is amazing!

We look our first big car ride this week up 95 to have a playdate with Annie.  By “playdate” I mean she slept in her room and you fussed in the living room until you fell asleep in my arms where you remained until we left.  You did wake up right as we got to I-95 during rush hour and had a complete meltdown for over 15 minutes until I pulled over at a gas station.  Did you want your paci? No.  Were you hungry? No.  You just wanted to be held (which happens to be difficult when I have to drive).

Saturday you spent all day with Dad while Mom taught a workshop.  It was your first day without Mom.  I called to check in on you boys at lunch and Dad said he didn’t think he was going to get to take a shower all day.  Clearly a rookie mistake to expect a shower while on Bradley duty.

Saturday night was Cousin Abby’s first birthday party.  Before we know it you’ll be having your first birthday party.  Crazy.  Dad is looking forward to your running around like Abby.  There is so much to look forward to!  (Mom was just glad you behaved.)

Monday we had a snow day together.  There wasn’t much snow on the ground, but it came down all day…and you looked the part.

Tuesday you had your 2 month doctors appointment.  You cried more over having your weight checked than getting 4 shots (welcome to adulthood).

Other highlights-
Sunday afternoon nap with Mom