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I’ve wanted a frame wall for so long.  They overwhelm me with their awesome when I see them.

Like this one from Young House Love (a crazy awesome DIY couple who happens to live in my ‘rents’ hood…aka near my parents):

I have a ton of black frames from various projects that I have been collecting and a very lonely living room wall.  I introduced the two and ended up with a pretty sweet result for an essentially free project.  I still haven’t decided exactly what is going to go in each frame, but being able to constantly change the pictures is sort of the beauty of the project. (Please excuse the bookcase.  I have a problem with bookcases in my house.  They are all empty or being used for random storage like this one.  A project for another day/week/year).

This was also Bradley’s first house project.  He helped out by taking a snooze amongst the craft paper, etc. long enough for mom to do 10 minutes of work here and 30 minutes there over the span of a week month.

Before (sad and boring):

I cut out newspaper to the size of each frame and taped them to the wall.  I kept moving them around until I was happy.  My dad was always particular about limiting the number of holes in the wall so, as I was raised, I got everything how I wanted it before I started nailing.

Then the frames went up:

Then I spent a few weeks decided what to put in the frames:

I am still not decided that this is exactly what I want in each frame, but if I change my mind…no big deal.

Some highlights:

1. Adapted from Pinterest and couldn’t be more true
2. A print from my mom when we moved in
3. Wedding picture (taken by Jill Beard)

4. DIY Crayon Art – Crayons + foam board + hairdryer
5. Bradley’s feet – Engineering print mounted on foam board
6. A print of our house – a gift from our amazing realtor when we moved in
7. Fabric from the nursery before it was the nursery

We tried to pick a mix of pictures another things that bring us happy memories.  Though it is no Young House Love, we love how it turned out.  ….and I only had one extra nail hole.