Eight weeks!  I can’t believe it!


[I think you look particularly like your Uncle Scott in this week’s picture]

We are so proud of you this week, buddy!  You have had a much better week.  You have started to relax a little bit (ie stopped screaming for hours at a time) and are able to entertain yourself for 5 minutes at the time.  You are eating well again too.

We tried to get you to start sleeping in your crib, but you wanted nothing to do with it.  OK, “nothing” is an exaggeration…you only wanted to do with it an hour at a time.  All night long.  All weekend long.  Then we gave in and went back to our usual arrangement for the week.  Rest well now, buddy, because the weekend is fast approaching again.

Other events this week:
You took your first trip to the cupcake shop…but certainly not your last.
You had your first date with Miss Ann Francis…and of course dressed the part.
You got to see where Mommy works…but only from the parking lot since she isn’t allowed on property until maternity leave is over.
You helped Mom cook dinner…by staying asleep while snuggled in the Moby Wrap.

Favorites: Ann Francis
Least Favorites: Taking naps and afternoons on days where you didn’t take your nap (that’s right, Mr. I want my cake and to eat it too)

Other Highlights:

With Annie:

I can’t sleep in my crib because it is too big, but I love the big bed:

The faces of Bradley after his nap: