This was a big week for you!

This week you went on lots of exciting adventures.  You met your Grand.  You are her tenth great grandchild.  She thought you were the most adorable little man.  She is an amazing women and when you get older I will tell you all about her.

You went to the nursery at church for the first time.  Of course you behaved like a little gentleman.  You always put on a good show.

You also went downtown to Dad’s office and you got to see Pop’s office too.  You slept most of the time, but you were dressed like a little CEO ready to take the James Center by storm.

Your great Aunt Nancy passed away this week.  Although you never got to meet her, she made you lots of wonderful things like the quilt are playing on in the picture below.

I can’t believe my time home with you is halfway gone, but I plan to treasure each remaining moment I have left.  I’m not going to fret too much about leaving you yet because, afterall, it’s a whole Bradley lifetime away 😉

Favorites – Bath time (you are starting to enjoy bathtime a lot more…especially today when I was cleaning you up since you somehow covered your entire back from butt to shoulders in poo), the nursery ladies at church (they really are amazing)

Least favorites – Eating (whose child are you?), going to sleep (again, whose child are you?)

Other highlights-