This week you and Dad had some boy time all by yourselves while Mom went to church and ran errands.  It was a big step.

Mom broke down and gave you a pacifier.  You love it.  It is officially your first BFF.

You are starting to use your hands to grasp more things like holding on to your pacifier or the blanket or Mom’s hair.

You participated in your first house project.  You were such a good helper that it took a week instead of an afternoon to complete 😛

You continue to grow and develop more personality each day.  It is our favorite thing ❤

Favorites – Pacifer (which is almost as big as your face)

Least favorites – Spitting up so much that milk comes out of your nose

Other highlights-

Outtakes from trying to get dressed warmly for our cold walks this week.  I tried to put him in a snowsuit that was a “little” big on him: