Today is actually your One Month birthday 🙂 but here I am wishing you a happy belated 4 week anniversary in this world.

This week’s ramblings are a little delayed because you have been, well, difficult this week and Mom hasn’t had time.  You have been giving your lungs quite the workout with hours of screaming and fussing.  We think you might have bad reflux, but you aren’t articulating yourself clearly, Little Man.

You have also had a few days where all you want is Mom.  All. day. long.  While they exhaust me, I am going to treasure those memories for 13 years from now when you won’t let me get out of the car with you in public.

Favorites – Stroller walks (we have been on a lot of stroller walks this week), looking at new shapes

Least favorites – Just about anything else this week

Other highlights –