Congratulations, Bradley (and Mom & Dad), it’s the end of week 3!

This Week – This week you had your first cold.  It scared the pants off of us.  We have had many nights this week with even less sleep sitting up listening to you breathe your snotty breaths.

You hit 7 pounds this week!  One benefit of going to the doctor so often is getting weight updates.  On Friday while checking out your cold, they weighed you in at 7 pounds.  Way to go buddy!

Daddy also went back to work this week.  It was hard on all of us the first day, but we are adjusting and getting settled into real life.  Yesterday, you and Mom went on your first walk in the neighborhood.  Today, you and Mom went on your first outing just the two of you (to Target, of course).

Favorites – going for walks, hitting Mom in the face when she is booger sucking you, hanging out around the in my sling

Least Favorites – getting boogers sucked, missing tummy time with Dad

Other highlights