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Look what Mommy did during naptime.

Today is Mason’s first day back to work….i.e. today is my first day flying solo.  I’m not bold enough to nap when Bradley naps when it is only the two of us in the house (I know I will regret that decision during the 3am feeding) yet.  So I decided to be productive on something that would make me smile…recover a glider.  The sewing machine is right across the hall from the nursery so it was easy to do a few steps and then peek in and make sure everything was OK (and by “peek in” I mean going over to the crib to study his breathing pattern and make sure he is still alive…rookie Mom).

The glider was gifted to me by one of my parents’ neighbors that was moving.  It has loving rocked 4 children over the last 30 years.  We didn’t really need a glider since we already have a glider/recliner/awesome chair in the nursery, but I figured I would put it downstairs in case we needed somewhere to rock him without going upstairs.  Good call.  We’ve already used it countless times.

Here is the before.  The frame is in good shape and looks good, but the cushions needed some love.  So I recovered them with Premier Prints Paisley in Black and White (click on the after picture to enlarge it and fully appreciate the yummy fabric).


The cushions are simply slipcovered with no extra bells or whistles (which is how I was able to do the entire project during one naptime).  I traced around the cushion adding an extra inch all the way around to account for the thickness of the cushion and the seam allowance.  The ottoman is simply stapled and the raw edges are hidden behind an extra panel I used to finish the bottom.  Stapling is so easy that Bradley could have probably done it (had he been awake and had he figured out how to use his arms yet).