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I made my first quilt 🙂  I used the scraps from the other projects in Bradley’s room and one extra to tie things together.  I utilized this pattern from Oh, Fransson!  I decided to back it with snuggly navy flannel.

I used painters tape to help me with the straight line quilting (after ripping out a few crooked lines I tried to “eyeball”).

The most tedious part was the binding.  I equated it to hemming a skirt.  I hate hemming…which is why I have a drawer of skirts and dresses that are finished except for the hem (some of them I made two years ago, ugh). So that waited until I was at the hospital with nothing else to do.  Here’s me, stitching the binding which in labor.  Classy.


I think it is pretty spiffy for my first quilt and ties the room together.  Bradley loves staring at all the contrasting fabrics and colors. 🙂

Sidenote: I ordered the fabric on the left from fabric.com but they sent me the one on the right.

Really, dinosaurs?  Of all things.  They were quick to resend me the correct fabric at no cost and told me to keep the fabric sent in error.  Super….now I have fabric ready for my next dino-myte project…which will probably happen when dinosaurs reinhabit the earth.  If anyone can use it, let me know.  I will mock you and then happily pass it on.  It’s only 1/2 a yard.