Bradley is two weeks old today.

This week – This week you have been starting to use your arms and legs more.   You have started to be alert during the day (and at night) and play tummy time with Daddy.
Mom has been worried about you as you are starting to get your first cold and cousin Abby has RSV.  Mom was taking your temperature a lot yesterday since you were feeling warm and you decided you had had enough.  You decided to let her know by pooping all over her, the changing table, the wall, the door, the carpet…anything within a 5 foot radius.  Mom got the message, but didn’t stop taking your temperature because she was worried and she loves you.
Today you weighed in at 6 pounds 11 ounces.  That’s 10 ounces up from last week!  Way to go, buddy!

Favorites – Tummy time with Dad, playing on your new play mat, opening up your eyes and taking in the world

Least Favorites – Mom taking your temperature, having your clothes changed

Other highlights-