We started putting away the Christmas decorations.  We actually started the day after Christmas.  Not that we are ready to wish the holiday away (and certainly not our time off together), but we are trying get the house back together just in case Bradley makes an early arrival.

Since the Christmas things are down and out of the way, we have room to unpack the baby gear around the house and it has been a wake-up call that, yes, a baby is really coming to live at our house.

We started with the swing which took entirely longer than expected…5 times as long to be exact.  That got us worried about the other items and we decided that we better just put everything together now when we have the two of us and all four hands available.  So out came the Pack N’ Play (encouragingly simple) and the highchair (depressingly difficult for a couple with 4 secondary degrees).

Recently, the doctor also pulled me from work meaning I will not return on Monday from Winter Break.  Mason is enforcing modified bed rest until Tuesday when we find out the plan.  Baby could be here as early as Wednesday, but hopefully they will let him stay put a little longer.