Merry Christmas!
We did not send out Christmas cards this year so this is our electronic card.

2011 has been quite the year.  Highlights from each month:

January – The power goes out and so does our heat.  After replacing the heat pump, Marcie agrees to turn the heat above 60 degrees and Mason is happy.
February – Marcie was invited to collaborate with other Virginia science and math teachers at NASA Langley for a week.
March – Mason was confirmed into the Society of Actuaries as a Fellow, the highest credentials he can earn.  I am so proud of all of his hard work on his exams and other required modules.
AND We became Aunt & Uncle to the most adorable niece.
April – Marcie finished serving on the county steering committee to cultivate 21st century skills.
May – We found out that our family will be growing in January.
June–  School is out and so is the news about baby!
July – Marcie found out that all of her students but one who took the AP Physics test scored a 4 or 5, an amazing feat for her first year teaching the course.
August–  We found out we are having a boy and Marcie starts to blog.
September– Marcie returns to her fourth year at the high school where she teaches.
October–  Mason reaps the benefits of a year’s worth of yard improvements (and removing 7 trees) by only having to rake leaves 3 times during the fall.
November– Mason consulted for the Social Security Administration (the actuaries’ actuaries).
December– Mason held one of the leads in an opera at church.  He enjoyed getting to use his classical music training again.

2011 was a great year, but nothing compared to the excitement that awaits in 2012!