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According to Mason, this is his favorite craft project I have done to date…which is really surprising because it covered our kitchen in cornstarch, glue, and paint goo for two days while they dried.  And I tripped over the cornstarch box sending a fine white powder everywhere.  So he must really like these….not to mention they came in at less than $10 total.

I wanted something else to give a gentle nod to the math theme that we have going on.  The sphere carries a lot of mathematical weight and is what we assume everything to be in physics (just ask Leonard – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=majaPLfQMzk (around 30 sec mark)).  So above the changing table, I adapted what has become popular DIY wedding decor to nursery decor.

I used the tutorial from Wednesday Custom Designs as a jumping off point, but mixed in our paint colors with the goo before soaking the string.  Two essential materials for this project are the disposable drop cloth and gloves.  For all 7 spheres I used less than one spool of cotton string from Lowes.

After dipping, wrapping, and hanging the balloons, I had to painfully wait two days to pop the balloons. Waiting is not my strong suit.  I frequently curse myself when painting because I can’t wait for the first coat to dry before I start the next.

After popping the balloons, I sprayed them with clear coat to add some more strength to them.

To hang the spheres, I put 7 small nails in the ceiling halfway.  Then, I tied fishing line from the sphere to the nail. After trimming the excess, I finished nailing them in so there is just a small nail head showing for each one.

Here it is – our wonderful, whimsical lesson in geometry.  Hopefully, Bradley will have a better geometry experience than I did (the teacher sat me in the corner by myself for the entire year….tragic).


Excuse the poor lighting (again).  Maybe one day I will get home from work before dark and can get better pictures.