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When we found out it was a boy, one of the first things Mason said was “your family may not teach him how to race.” (On the other hand, my brother’s first remark was “the road to Formula 1 starts today.”)  So I have given Mase a hard time about all the “racing stripes” we have painted in the room.  Now, though, it has reached a whole new level….I put an oil drip pan on the wall.

My original motivation was not to be contrary, but instead came from Pinterest inspiration.  The drip pan is magnetic.  So essentially it serves as a big magnetic board.  Right now, it holds family photos held in place by letter magnets.  I was excited to find some that have the whole back magnetic and not just the little pieces that can pop off and get swallowed/choked on/other terrible things.

Excuse the extra-poor picture quality. The letter came tonight and I really wanted to share despite the lack of lighting!

As Bradley gets older, I have flashcards and other manipulatives that he can play with.  It’s like every teacher’s dream.  For now though, it is just decorative, but holds so many wonderful possibilities.

Now that’s sassy.