We put up our tree.  It wasn’t nearly as much fun this year as it usually is.  Most years we go with my brother and his wife to cut down our trees at a tree farm near their house.  The farm is closed this year and my brother hurt his back.  So for the first time in my life, we bought a tree from a tree lot.

Mason thinks “bigger is better” so he picked a tree that was almost 9′ tall. Note: we have 8′ ceilings.  So after a few trips in and out of the house cutting it down to size (yes, we measured but still had issues) we got the tree up.

I added some new flair this year – Deco Mesh.  LOVE IT.  I decided to live up the last year that Mason was going to let me put a non-traditional spin on the tree and go with lime & teal.  I promised next year to go for a more traditional & “kid friendly” scheme (which, for the record, does not include colored lights).

One of my favorite things about decorating the tree each year (and I have a lot of favorite things about decorating the tree) is remembering all my sweet Alabama friends.  They threw me an ornaments shower right before I graduated and I remember each one as I put the ornaments on (or the snowman salt and pepper shakers out or the embroidered napkins).  That was five years ago.  I can’t believe it’s been five years.  The “motherhood and fertility” pine cone ornament finally seemed appropriate so it has a front and center location this year.  Ha.

So here it is…Christmas Tree 2011.  Our last pre-kids tree.