Day 4 of my journey to take a few minutes to stop and appreciate the great things in my life.

Today I am thankful for old friends.  Mase and I got to have dinner tonight with some great friends, Braxton and Catie, that we only see once or twice a year (It was like the stars aligned…I can’t think of any other time we have been out on school night!). Braxton, Mason, and I knew each other in high school and then Braxton & I went to college together.  A few years ago he married his perfect match and the most adorable girl.  We so wish that they didn’t live 600 miles away. 😦

Although we don’t see each other often or do a very good job of keep up in between, we are always able to pick up right where we left off like it was yesterday.  I love friends like that.

We really need to make it down to Alabama sometime.  There are a handful of great friends, like Braxton and Catie, that it has been too long since I have seen or caught up with.  They are important and special people though and I know with them as well we will be able to pick up like we were just together yesterday…